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If you are a sports betting enthusiast and want to bet on your favorite sports, then you are at the right place. Rajabets has delved deep into the subject matter and came up with the best live sports betting portal that offers all kinds of cricket betting, football betting, and other types of sports betting in India. It allows you to watch interesting sporting events with live streams and place bets immediately.

Online Sportsbook in India

Sports is one of the most popular pastimes in India. There is hardly anyone in this nation who does not follow a sport in some way or another. Instead, it makes sports betting sites amongst the most visited ones on the internet. Sports-related news and information can be found all over the place, from newspapers to radio stations and other media outlets. Since the growth and popularity of online gambling over the years, many Indians are now indulging in online sports betting and winning massive amounts.

IPL betting 2022

The IPL betting market is enormous, even more significant than the actual tournament. With millions of fans in India and abroad, this tournament generates a lot of money through ticket sales, gate collections, and telecast rights for TV networks. Bettors also make millions of rupees by set odds for IPL matches a day in and day out during the tournament.

Rajabets betting app

The personal computer is gradually descending from the pedestal of a critical assistant in making sports betting. The laptop is more portable, but you can't walk around with it for a long time. Therefore, every year mobile applications are gaining more and more popularity in the world of digital technologies, in general, and in the segment of bookmakers, in particular. They make sports betting more portable and therefore more comfortable.

For most bettors, it is essential to regularly monitor changes in sports events. And a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, is the best choice for this. Rajabets keeps up with the times and has released a portable copy of the official website in the form of convenient applications. In the Rajabets app, you can bet on sports and play casino games during breaks. You can download the Rajabets mobile application by clicking on this link or going to a special section on the official website.

Cricket betting

Cricket betting is a multi-billion dollar business in Asia, Australia, and surrounding countries. The biggest markets are high-profile test matches between national teams, as well as T20 games in the Indian Premier League. Approximately 70 percent of cricket bets are made live.


Football betting on the Rajabets website is popular among all players who have at least a superficial attitude to betting. This sport hosts the most matches, and the largest number of events is always determined for football competitions in the line of betting companies. Luck is not your friend here! Instead, always look at statistics, analyze past games, and read news about the position within both teams.


Esports includes dozens of competitions in a wide variety of video games. Esports matches are played in games of various genres, including shooters, strategies, fighting games, sports simulations, racing, etc. Dota 2 and Counter-Strike games can be distinguished among the leading eSports betting disciplines on


Tennis is the third most popular sport in bookmakers in India after cricket and football. Live betting on tennis on the Rajabet website is very popular, as a tennis match is more dynamic than football and cricket, and conditions change much more often here. Bettors who do not want to wait for a goal in football prefer to bet on the winners of games and sets during the match. That is why the volume of tennis bets outweighs the importance of cricket and football betting on some days.

Virtual sports

It will do just fine as entertainment for bettors who are tired of traditional bets. At its core, virtual sports betting (not to be confused with eSports) can be compared to online casinos. However, the player does not know what number will fall out by spinning the roulette. Similarly, bets on virtual sports do not have any patterns, and everything obeys only a computer.


Is sports betting legal in India?

Live Sports betting is not illegal in India. There's no federal law to stop gambling and betting on sites based in countries where online gambling and online sports betting are legal. Therefore you can do sports betting on any international website.

How to make sports bets in India?

Betting on sports is one of the most exciting things you could do. It allows you to be in control and hold your destiny in your hands while also giving you that extra thrill. It's absolutely safe to do betting through international sites based in countries where sports betting is legal.

How to win real money in betting?

Online betting is widespread nowadays. Many people make a lot of money with online betting. It's not that easy though, and you have to follow the rules to make money with it.